Color Magic for Creatives

Color Magic for Creatives

Color Magic for Creatives is an experiential workshop that gives attendees the opportunity to harness the intentional power of the rainbow to spark inspiration. Color Magic is a manifestation tool which uses the vibrational energy of a range colors to invoke change and emotional responses within ourselves and our environments. In this class, we will be working with specific hues to nurture our creativity and invoke inspiration. In a world that is more geared towards freelance work, how do we stay inspired when our livelihood depends on constant creative output? How do we tap into our creativity to feel nourished and productive? This class is not just for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs!  Creativity is part of being a human. We all get stuck, we all find ourselves in a rut of our daily routine and the mundane, but we need to shift our perspective and keep things exciting in order to lead inspired lives which keep us thriving and setting new goals in order to get psyched to get out of bed every morning to see our world in multidimensional technicolor! This class will include a ritual to invoke inspiration (which you can practice in your own home or creative space at any time you need a boost!) as well as the creation of a talisman to take home with you to provide inspiration moving forward. 

Instructor: Sarah Potter

Sarah Potter is a professional witch, experiential curator, art advisor,  conjurer of color magic, and intuitive tarot reader.  With a discerning eye, she utilizes her passion for modern-day mysticism, spirituality, and the occult to create experiential exhibitions of innovative artwork and memorable performances. She travels the world to give lectures and lead workshops on Color Magic, a means of using specific hues to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation.

SUN 2:00 PM


19 November 2019


Occult, Self-Help