Improve Your Dating with Improv

Improve Your Dating with Improv

Dating can be an awful, awful mess of a vulnerable time. We rarely think about practicing - we get in the moment, we get nervous and we end up not being our best selves, and then we deem ourselves ""bad daters"" and the vicious cycle continues until you give up or meet someone, and you don't have to date anymore.

What if you got to practice those first date (and second, and third) conversations with a group of women, got feedback on how you came across and left with an accountability buddy? AND you got to do this through improv -based activities and thinking, so you're sure to leave with new communication skills, some laughs and more focus on what you deserve?

Join Jen Brown, and leave feeling better about your next first (or third) date.

Instructor: Jen Brown

Jen Brown is the founder of the Engaging Educator, a fierce group of dedicated ladies who are committed to helping others find their best, most unapologetic and confident voice, communication style and self.

SUN 5:45 PM


12 November 2019