Holistic Practices for Sexual Empowerment

Holistic Practices for Sexual Empowerment

Join sex and relationship coach Cara Kovacs on a journey to cultivate personal practices to empower your sex life. Where are old narratives and patterns from the past holding you back from sexually thriving? How can you incorporate empowerment and ritual into your love life to strengthen your partnership, attract a lover, or simply find sensual and sexual fulfillment in your own divine body? Bring a journal and an open mind.

Instructor: Cara Kovacs

Cara Kovacs is a third generation healer and Sex, Love & Relationship expert who’s mission it is to guide others to empowerment and self acceptance of their own unique magic. She combines modern science with ancient healing and spiritual philosophy to help bring people to truth through love.

SUN 3:15 PM


12 November 2019


Occult, Sex