Chakras & Essential Oils - Harmonize your Energy Centers

Chakras & Essential Oils - Harmonize your Energy Centers

The Chakra System is an ancient but highly-relevant technology for understanding our centers of power, and essential oils can help us get in touch with and balance the energies seated in each chakra. Learn about the properties of essential oils that can shift the energetic state of your chakras - we will touch on how essential oils affect the brain as well as their chemical effect on the body to create change. No science degree required! We keep this class accessible to everyone by keeping the science basic, and giving you the chance to interact with the oils that your chakras need most. Come ready to inhale and get centered!

Instructor: Karina Mackenzie, founder of Chop Wood Carry Baby

Chop Wood Carry Baby is a purveyor of natural goods born out of the desire to share the beauty of plant-based power with mindful mamas and wandering gypsies alike.

SAT 4:30 PM


12 November 2019