Palmistry Basics with Helene of Handful of Stars

Palmistry Basics with Helene of Handful of Stars

Learn the basics of palm reading with Helene Saucedo, the author of the Handful of Stars Palmistry Guidebook and Hand-printing Kit released this year from HarperCollins.

Attendees will ink their palm print onto her trademarked purple paper from the kit, and be guided through a step by step palm reading analyzing the four major lines on the hand (heart line, head line, life line, and line of stability), the mounts, as well as taking a look as the elemental shape of the hand and its tie into ones astrological chart.

All supplies will be provided. It is not necessary for the attendees to buy the kit to attend, but it will be available for purchase. 

Instructor: Helene Saucedo

Helene Saucedo is a modern palm reader. Her focus is to bring forth awareness and validation through connection and conversation, and to help one realize their own potential, while having fun.

SAT 3:15 PM

SAT 5:45 PM

SUN 5:45 PM


11 November 2019


Occult, Craft