Essential Oils for Mood Management

Essential Oils for Mood Management

Managing emotional health isn't for the faint of heart! And it's not something that should be left unchecked. Mental and emotional health has become one of the most common concerns for individuals and families today. The news cycle can leave us overwhelmed by sadness, anger or anxiousness, and our always-on culture is a constant source of unrelenting stress.

If you're looking for a natural tool to turn to to help get a handle on your moods, Essential oils can provide safe, natural support. We will cover the very basics of essential oil knowledge at the start of the class, so beginners are very welcome.

Instructor: Karina Mackenzie, founder of Chop Wood Carry Baby

Chop Wood Carry Baby is a purveyor of natural goods born out of the desire to share the beauty of plant-based power with mindful mamas and wandering gypsies alike.

SAT 5:45 PM


11 November 2019