Herbal Stressbusters For City Living

Herbal Stressbusters For City Living

Over time, continued stress will keep the body in a prolonged state of fight or flight, taxing the body and specifically the adrenal glands. In this class, we will learn how to calm the nervous system and build stamina with the support of tonic, adaptogenic herbs. We will discuss ways to keep the body in balance no matter what life throws at you through a variety of therapeutic herbs.

Recipes and tastings included.

Instructor: Dawn Petter

With a passion and vast knowledge of herbs and a prolific career in design, Dawn Petter is a creative herbalist, healer and flower essence practitioner based in NYC.Dawn leads herb walks and teaches classes at venues, including, The New York Open Center, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, JCC Manhattan, 92Y, Brooklyn Grange, Brooklyn Brainery, Project Find, and the Just Food Conference.

SAT 11:15 PM


11 November 2019