Sex Magick with Sophie St. Thomas

Sex Magick with Sophie St. Thomas

There is power in pleasure. Sex magick is harnessing sexual energy and orgasms to manifest a goal, which does not need to be sexual in nature. You can come for money. Both the desire for pleasure and power are stigmatized by institutions that would prefer us powerless. In this class, which does not require nudity or touching, we will learn what sex magick is, its controversial origins, and how to do it.

Instructor: Sophie St Thomas

Sophie Saint Thomas is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She is a columnist for Merry Jane, where she covers the intersection of sex and cannabis in “Stoned Sex.” She has a witchcraft column for LGBTQ folks called “Queer Sex Coven” with Autostraddle. She is currently writing her first book, Finding Your Higher Self: You Guide to Cannabis for Self Care.

SAT 2:00 PM


11 November 2019


Occult, Sex