Build Your Journaling Practice

Build Your Journaling Practice

Why journal? Think of journaling as a clearing the clutter of the mind, a tilling of the soil: writing is an embodied experience that, when practiced regularly, helps us weed out and sift through all the things floating around in our squirrel-like minds in order to make space for our most radiant dreams to grow and thrive. Maybe you need more gratitude, a perspective shift, a creative routine, or a way to get out of your head and into your body, onto the page. Life isn't a one size fits all endeavor, and neither is your journaling practice.

In this class, you'll cycle through multiple types of expressive, creative writing and drawing, explore meditative breath work techniques, and gentle movements in between writing practices in order to build a creative practice that works for you. Think of it as different meditative modules: each contributing a richness to the soil of your life and wellbeing.

Instructor: Odette Press

Odette Press is a small batch paper marbling and bookbinding studio founded and facilitated by kelly odette laughlin specializing in stationery and journals created in nature with the intention to support self discovery through the act of writing.

SUN 3:15 PM


11 November 2019


Wellness, Craft