Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Shake it up with some shimmies, hip drops, and undulations at the Social Bellydance class with Salit! You will learn basic bellydance moves, put them together in to combinations, and end the class with a hafla (party)!

Taught by Salit of SH.E.B.A dance programs. Hip scarves will be provided for all the participants.

Instructor: Salit Cohen-Cheng

Salit is a professional Middle Eastern dancer, instructor, and choreographer based in New York City. She has been belly dancing for over a decade, performing on various stages, venues, events and teaching bellydance classes. Her award-winning classes are highly popular as she is passionate about her art and cares deeply about her students. She is an eternal student and never stops her dance and movement education.

SUN 3:15 PM


11 November 2019